Nov 302012

It is important to not overlook our pets in our survival planning. This includes setting up bug out bags for them. Face it, they can’t do it themselves. Lacking thumbs, zippers and buttons on packs are like bank vault doors to you and I.

The first thing to consider is a safe way to transport your pet. For larger dogs, this entails a good leash, collar, and muzzle. While you might not feel you need to muzzle your dog, many shelters that allow pets do require it for safety reasons. Smaller pets should have crates in addition to the leashes and muzzles.

The second thing is a complete copy of your pets immunization records. This is vital if you find yourself needing to use a public emergency shelter.

Your pet bug out bag should contain a few days worth of food as well as a dish to put it in. If your pet normally eats mostly kibble, just put it in ziplock bags. Wet food should be kept in the cans and if the cans aren’t the pull tab type, be sure to include a manual can opener.

A water bottle separate from your own is a great idea and you should include a small dish to pour it into for your pets. Most pets have difficulty drinking direct from a bottle.

Include a few empty plastic shopping bags or other similar type bags for cleaning up accidents and messes. A small roll of paper towel would be welcome too, for the same purpose.

Your pets will also appreciate a few treats as well as a familiar toy or chew bone.

While you should have a first aid kit in your own bug out bag, be sure to include any medications your pets normally take in the pet BOB. Also toss in a small pair of scissors to remove burrs and debris from their fur.

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