Feb 082012

Next time you’re near a dollar store, swing in and pick up a few light sticks. You can usually find them in or near the toy aisle. While they won’t produce quite as much light as their more robust military spec counterparts, they are still very useful.

Even the cheap ones produce a good amount of light, usually enough to read by if need be. They work fairly well for guiding your way around camp, whether that site is complete with a nice tent and port-a-potty or a debris hut in the middle of nowhere. While of course you can’t turn them off, at such a cheap price you can afford to let them go all night long.

They are also very useful in signaling for help at night. Tie the light stick to a length of paracord and twirl it in circles in front of you. The glowing circle can be seen for quite a ways and is considerably larger than a flashlight beam.

Light sticks weigh next to nothing so even if you have several in your get home bag, you’ll never feel them weighing you down. You can sometimes get more than one use out of them too. The glow won’t be nearly as bright the next time around but if you shake them up, they’ll activate again for a bit.

A side benefit is they’ll keep kids entertained for hours!

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