Apr 122012

I guess it was bound to happen at some point. It seems as though almost all segments of the population have their own dating services and now preppers and survivalists are no exception.

Survivalist Singles has a tag line of “Don’t Face The Future Alone.” I personally know several preppers who are single/divorced/widowed and at least have some interest in connecting with like-minded adults who may be interested in companionship.

But, I do see a few potential problems with using a dating service like this.

First, most preppers and survivalists are rather individualistic by nature. Quite often we find that we just don’t play well with others, right? While the first obstacle, finding someone who has the same prepper mindset, would be overcome by using this service, how many survivalists would even remotely consider pulling up stakes and moving elsewhere?

Second, there’s always a risk when dealing with any online dating service. People are rarely who they put themselves out there to be. The 6′ tall, buff, handsome guy in his 30s with the successful career turns out to be 5’6″, pot bellied, balding, and unemployed more often than not. But as long as he’s not a serial killer, you’re still ahead of the game, I think.

Obviously, if you’re interested in such a site, go in with both eyes wide open. If a guy or gal sounds too good to be true, you’re probably missing part of the story. Always set up a face to face meeting in a public place and make sure someone knows where you went, with whom you were meeting, and when to expect you home.

And if the guy or gal asks to borrow money within the first six months, beat feet in the opposite direction.

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