Backpacking Meals

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6 packs of your favorites! Wise Company Camping Food makes awesome backpacking meals. They are very lightweight in their freeze-dried form and only require water to make a tasty meal.

You can take along all your meals for an extended trip.

I've been using these meals for years since they pack well and it's very nice to have a nice breakfast, lunch or dinner while out in the woods or when hunting or fishing.

These products are six packs of the same flavor.  Chose from the following options:

6 Case Pack - Cheesy Lasagna
6 Case Pack - Creamy Pasta & Vegetables w/Chicken
6 Case Pack - Noodles and Beef
6 Case Pack - Pasta Alfredo w/Chicken
6 Case Pack - Chili Mac w/Beef
6 Case Pack - Teriyaki Chicken w/ Rice
6 Case Pack - Apple and Cinnamon Cereal - (Great Tasting Breakfast)

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