Sheltering in Place

I’ve always maintained that bugging out from home is an absolute last resort in most cases. Exceptions would be evacuating ahead of a pending disaster, such as a hurricane. Then again though, that’s not really “bugging out,” at least not in the traditional sense.

In most situations, you are far better off staying at home. That’s where all your supplies are, for starters. While yes you should absolutely have bug out bags assembled, just in case, at home is where you’ll have enough food to last you at least a couple weeks, preferably a few months or more. You’re already intimately familiar with the area around your home. You know who lives nearby and you should be able to spot people who don’t “belong” in the area.

Building a bug out bag is a rite of passage for preppers. Often, it is one of the first things one does as they enter into the disaster readiness arena. Typically, a bug out bag can be put together at minimal cost, at least at the beginning. It also gives a great sense of accomplishment. You’re finally doing something to get better prepared.

However, that bug out bag is merely one small step. Once the bag is done, you need to work hard on getting your home ready. This means setting aside food, water, first aid gear, and other supplies to sustain you and your family during and after an emergency.

As we go forward through 2013, we’ll be talking a lot about home emergency kits, sheltering in place, and related topics. But, start thinking today about how prepared you would be if you were confined to quarters at home for an indefinite period of time. How long would you and your family last on just what you have at home right now?