Pathfinders on the Road

We here at are proud to be an official sponsor of Pathfinders on the Road. Led by Matt Brooks, POTR travels around the country teaching wilderness survival skills to like minded people. Both children and adults have benefitted from his real world and out in the woods training.

One of Matt’s specialties is creating fire. In this video shot at one his stops, Matt demonstrates how to create fire from “rubbing two sticks together” – otherwise known as the Bow Drill Method. Pay special attention to his technique of attaching the 550 cord to the bow. This clever idea is not well known but helps immensely when having to tighten up your string.

Having watched him demonstrate a variety of techniques at the 2011 Pathfinder Gathering (including the Hand Drill method on Chaga, I can personally attest to his superb skill.

Watch the video below.

If you’ve ever tried this method of starting a fire, you know it is not easy. It takes a lot of practice to get your form right, applying the correct pressure, not to mention just building your fire set! The all important notch that your dust can drop down into is often a source of frustration to the uninitiated. And the patience of letting your burning dust form into a coal is often too quickly rushed as well. Friction fire is never a guarantee but watching this fire starting video as demonstrated by Matt makes it look too easy!

If you’ve never tried to make fire by the bow drill, maybe you’ll now give it a shot. If you do, keep us posted on your efforts!

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