Cooking on a Log

I came across this rather clever method of open fire cooking online the other day and wanted to share it with y’all.

As the pics indicate, you take a log and cut it lengthwise in several places, but don’t go all the way through to the end of the log. You want it to spread out a bit without coming completely apart.

I imagine you could go two different ways with regards to fire. You could set this log into the middle of a campfire and let it get going, then use it for cooking. Or you could use tinder in the cuts to get the log burning on its own.

You’ll not want to start the fire at the top of the log, of course. Just get it burning in the slots you cut and let the natural chimney action draw the heat up to the pan.

I’ll be trying this out myself very soon and will report back with how well it worked.

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Jim Cobb

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    1. the guy I got the share from just said: Stuff the saw cuts with news papers and light them. The log burns from the inside out and will (supposably) last a long time. I want to try frying fish like that! Can you say "SHORE LUNCH"

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