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I’ve talked before about using a radio scanner as a survival tool. I highly recommend preppers invest in a good quality scanner so they are able to get a leg up, so to speak, on potential events in their area. Case in point, the other night my wife and I were alerted by one of our dogs that something was going on outside. When we looked out the window, we observed several local and county squad cars on a side road adjacent to our street. By turning on the scanner, we were able to determine there wasn’t any immediate risk to us.

Once you purchase your scanner, where can you find the relevant frequencies? There are, of course, tons of websites where you can find that information. However, my wife recently found what I believe is probably the premier website for this. bills itself as being the world’s largest radio communications data provider and I’m inclined to agree with them. Their database of frequencies is second to none. They have everything from Federal agencies like FEMA and the FBI all the way down to Podunkville Police Department, Smalltown, USA. In addition to official agencies, they also have all the frequencies for FRS radios and HAM radios.

Here’s another cool feature. You can listen to many of the frequencies online, without a scanner needed. Just do a search for your area to see what’s available. Not all frequencies are there to listen to live, but you can certainly have some fun listening in on police departments from far away as well as close to home.

From a practical standpoint, this feature could allow you to tune in to agencies a county or two away and hear what’s coming in your direction. Very, very cool.

I’ll warn you though. This site is an incredible time sink. You can easily spend hours there playing around with things.

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