DIY Weather Forecasting

The weather has certainly been much in the news as of late, with Hurricane Irene being the leading story the last few days. For most of us, finding out what the weather is likely to be tonight, tomorrow, and the next few days is as simple as turning on The Weather Channel or bringing up one of any number of websites.

But, what if those sources were no longer available? How can we determine if severe weather is headed our way? Being able to predict immediate weather changes is useful whether you’re lost in the woods or enduring the aftermath of a major disaster.

Obviously, without the use of weather satellites and such, hurricanes would be awful tough to predict. But, more mundane types of weather problems can be foreseen at home with just a barometer, a thermometer, and your eyes.

Indications of severe weather on the way include:

–Falling barometer readings.
–Strong winds in the morning.
–Darkening clouds.
–Temperatures well above or below normal ranges or changing very quickly.

Clues the weather is improving:

–Clouds rise and/or begin to dissipate.
–Barometer rises.
–Winds shifting to the west.

Also, bear in mind the old saying, “Red sky at morning, sailor take warning. Red sky at night, sailor’s delight.” This is one of those old folk sayings that contains quite a bit of truth.

You might consider visiting your local library and picking up a book or two on weather patterns and such. Pay attention to the weather around you and learn how to predict changes that are on the way.

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Jim Cobb

Jim Cobb has been a student of survivalism and emergency preparedness for almost thirty years. As a young child, he drove his parents nuts with stockpiling supplies in the basement every time he heard there was a tornado watch in his area. Of course, being a child, those supplies consisted of his teddy bear, a few blankets and pillows, and random canned goods he grabbed from the kitchen cabinets. Later, he was the first (and likely only) child in his fifth grade class to have bought his very own copy of Life After Doomsday by Bruce Clayton. Today, he is a freelance writer whose work has been published in national magazines such as Boy’s Life and Complete Survivalist Magazine. He is a voracious reader with a keen interest in all stories with post-apocalyptic settings. He maintains the Library at the End of the World blog and is also the Content Director for He currently resides in a fortified bunker in the upper Midwest, accompanied by his lovely wife and their three adolescent Weapons of Mass Destruction. Jim's first book, Prepper's Home Defense, was published late 2012 and his second book, tentatively titled The Prepper's Complete Guide to Disaster Readiness, will be out in mid-2013, both coming from Ulysses Press.

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