Growing sprouts

I’m hoping for some help from my readers. We recently started growing sprouts to add to salads and sandwiches. I’m not much of a health food nut but even I know the incredible nutritional value of sprouts.

A friend gifted us with a sprout box. Clear, with two trays inside. You put your seeds on the trays, water it through the top once or twice a day and within a couple days, you’ve got some sprouts.

First question is, what are some recommendations for seeds to use? Both from a nutritional standpoint as well as taste.

Second question — um, how do you know when they are ready to eat? We have two trays of sprouts right now and I’m not sure if they are done or not. Mung bean sprouts just look…nasty. Like little maggots or something. Broccoli sprouts look better but very small.

Sprouts contain just a ton of nutrition in a small package. I’m not at all opposed to eating them. I’m just looking for some guidance.

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