How To Ram A Car

Most of us spend our time driving a car trying desperately to avoid getting into accidents. We strive to be alert to possible threats and take evasive action as needed. What if, though, there was a need to intentionally ram another car? Maybe someone has pulled their car in front of you to try and detain you. Just like anything else, there is a right way and a wrong way to ram a car.

First, do not try to T-bone them. All that will accomplish is damage to both vehicles but the one you hit will probably still be moveable, while yours won’t be. Remember, the idea here is to move and hopefully disable their car while you keep on trucking.

If you are in a position to do so, aim for the rear wheel. The rear of the car is lighter than the front and relatively easier to move. Plus, if you hit it right, you can crumple the back of their car into the rear wheel, disabling it. Ideally, you’ll be hitting the rear of their car at about a 90 degree angle.

You want to be going about 25 mph and then accelerate to about 30 just before impact. Your car will be easier to control at lower speeds.

If you can’t hit the rear wheel for some reason, aim for the front corner. Like I mentioned earlier, you don’t want to hit them square in the middle. What you’re aiming for is to spin their car out of the way.

It should go without saying that seat belts should be worn and air bags should be disabled.

Finally, a maneuver like this should be considered an extreme last ditch effort. It is obviously very dangerous and life threatening.

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