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No weekly assignment this week, just keep on keeping on until next week.

A comment came in over the weekend from one of my regular readers and I thought I’d share it with you, as well as respond to it here.

Bill writes: Jim, Survival Steve all you guys I have nothing against your website or your blog but Steve if the SHTF all of us that are prepping and have our faces on the Internet all of us that are giving out our info about what we are doing were going to die. Were going to be the first to go out because of One reason because we were stupid enough to put and tell people that we know how to survive. The government is going to hunt us down and kill us because we were stupid enough to put our survival plans and other material on the Internet…. I don’t mean to offend anyone but its the sad truth. Yes i probably have offended many people yet its whats going to happen…

First of all, I obviously can’t speak for everyone but as for myself, I take no offense at your comment. I’m sure you’re not the only one with this concern and I’m glad you brought it up. Here’s my take on it.

If a disaster were large enough to the point where the government felt it necessary to go around confiscating supplies (food, water, etc.) from citizens, odds are good that the disaster is large enough to occupy the government’s efforts such that they’d be unable to carry out such an operation. Look at what happened during and after Hurricane Katrina. This was the largest scale natural disaster to hit America in recent memory, right? While there was a documented effort to confiscate firearms from citizens (which was widely condemned and likely won’t happen again), I don’t recall a single news story about FEMA or any other agency going door to door and taking food from folks.

And there certainly weren’t any reports, even among the fringe news groups, of government agents killing citizens for their supplies.

I’d be much, MUCH more concerned about family and friends showing up, hoping for handouts, than I would be about nefarious government agents knocking on my door, demanding all the MREs I might have stockpiled.

For me at least, this issue really isn’t anything I lose sleep over. I’d much rather do everything I can to help folks get prepared for whatever comes their way than hunker down and pray guys in tactical vests never knock on my door.

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