Property Lines After TSHTF

Our topic today was something that was brought up on my Facebook page earlier by one of my FB friends. I’ll quote part of her post:

Somebody made a good point to me though; if shtf, titles and property lines are not going to matter.

With all due respect, I beg to differ. I think property owners will be increasingly more vigilant about their boundaries after any sort of catastrophic event. Let’s say you own a couple dozen acres out in the sticks. Today, if you learn someone is hunting on your land without your permission, you might call your local sheriff’s office or maybe the DNR. After TSHTF, that wayward hunter will be seen as taking food from the mouths of your family members and the county sheriff won’t be available. Odds are pretty good that more than one trespassing hunter will end up at the wrong end of a rifle.

Even today, there is a ton of public land out there and many hunters use BLM acreage every year. I have to believe though that while that land is publicly accessible now, after TSHTF you’re going to see people squatting on that land here and there. They’ll consider certain areas of the forest “theirs” and will go to great lengths to discourage visitors. They’ll work out their own property lines as they see fit.

The best advice I can give, aside from acquiring your own land soon, is to do what many hunters do today. Work out an agreement with the land owner where you are given permission to hunt their land, perhaps in exchange for part of the bounty. Better to give up part of a deer in barter than end up with lead clogging up your innards.

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