Storm Damage

Let me preface this blog entry by asking everyone to say a prayer for the folks in and around Joplin, MO. I’ve seen several photos of the devastation there and my heart goes out to all of those folks affected there.

We had just a bit of storm damage here as well.

My wife and I actually watched this tree as it came down. It is an old box elder tree, the last of what was originally five trunks growing together. Here’s a close up of the damage it did to the neighbor’s fence. For perspective, that fence is six feet tall.

Luckily, the tree missed our house by about fifteen feet. The other good news is the neighbor is going to let us keep most of the wood once we get it all cut up. Unfortunately, box elder is kind of crap wood for burning but hey, it is free, right?

Now, thankfully this fell in our backyard and thus it isn’t a huge issue in terms of needing to remove the tree immediately. But, what if a tree were to come down across your driveway? Would you have equipment on hand to be able to remove it? Or at least clear enough of it away to be able to get a car out?

It is important to have on hand wood cutting equipment like chainsaws, bow saws, and loppers. Being able to “attack” this tree quickly means we can get it done and move on, rather than waiting for a tree removal service. After a storm like this, those businesses are going to be rather busy and it could be a while before they make it to you. Better to have the means to take care of it yourself if at all possible.

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