The Potential Impact of Protests and Strikes

What would happen if your local grocery stores weren’t able to get new product shipped to them? If there are mass protests and/or strikes, that could be a reality.

Do you know how much inventory an average grocery store has on hand at any given time? About three days. Of course, that’s figuring at normal levels of business too. Gone are the days when stores had massive amounts of stock on hand in their back rooms. Most of them now operate on what is called “just in time” (JIT) inventory. The idea is to keep just enough inventory on hand to satisfy the immediate consumer needs, thus allowing for more building space to be devoted to selling floor instead of stock room shelves.

What this means though is if there is an unforseen mass increase in business, the shelves get wiped out fairly quickly. Anyone who has visited a grocery store the day before a big storm is predicted to strike knows that I mean. And with the JIT inventory model, it might be a day or two during normal times to get replenished. Notice the key phrase there – during normal times. If strikes or protests were to impact deliveries to grocery stores, guess what? Yeah, might be a while before they get more Ho Ho’s on the shelves.

Plan ahead. Have enough in your pantry to see you and yours through situations like that.

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Jim Cobb

Jim Cobb has been a student of survivalism and emergency preparedness for almost thirty years. As a young child, he drove his parents nuts with stockpiling supplies in the basement every time he heard there was a tornado watch in his area. Of course, being a child, those supplies consisted of his teddy bear, a few blankets and pillows, and random canned goods he grabbed from the kitchen cabinets. Later, he was the first (and likely only) child in his fifth grade class to have bought his very own copy of Life After Doomsday by Bruce Clayton. Today, he is a freelance writer whose work has been published in national magazines such as Boy’s Life and Complete Survivalist Magazine. He is a voracious reader with a keen interest in all stories with post-apocalyptic settings. He maintains the Library at the End of the World blog and is also the Content Director for He currently resides in a fortified bunker in the upper Midwest, accompanied by his lovely wife and their three adolescent Weapons of Mass Destruction. Jim's first book, Prepper's Home Defense, was published late 2012 and his second book, tentatively titled The Prepper's Complete Guide to Disaster Readiness, will be out in mid-2013, both coming from Ulysses Press.

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    1. Three months is an excellent goal. Most people have less than a couple weeks worth of food. Obviously, the more you can stockpile the better, assuming you can store it properly.

  1. Our local Homeland store has great weekly sales where one can buy certain items at GREAT prices. Ex: tonight I bought a 12 can case of Grean Giant creamed corn and a case of green beans all at 2 for $1. It’s something different each week so it’s easier on the budget to stock up. Our Homeland gets FOUR stock trucks each week. Just imagine if those trucks couldn’t get through.

  2. definitely worth it to overstock on pantry items, if for nothing else than to avoid the stockpiling craze when natural disasters are predicted.

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