Weekly assignment: Shelf lives

We often talk about rotating your food supplies to ensure freshness. But we preppers store a lot of stuff that isn’t food as well, such as perhaps bleach, vinegar, and toiletries. Knowing how long these items are supposed to last before they start to go bad is an important components of an overall pantry storage plan.

For example, many people stock up on bleach for cleaning and water purification. A lot of those folks probably aren’t aware that bleach lasts about six months, unopened, before it begins to degrade. Opened, it lasts even less. Once it begins to degrade, it loses effectiveness for purifying water. This could have dire results if you aren’t aware of it.

Your assignment this week is to find out the shelf lives for the household products you have in storage and adjust your rotation plans if need be.

One source for these shelf lives is found on the Organize Your Life website.

While most of the items we tend to stockpile won’t kill you if you use them past their expiration dates, the quality can be dramatically effected. Also keep in mind that these shelf lives are figured for optimum storage conditions. Heat and sometimes light can have a significant impact.

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  1. This sounds like a perfect opportunity to track your supply expiration dates using a system of your choice such as an Excel file or even by hand. Sure it’s more work but likely well worth the effort should the need arise to use your supplies.

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