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Bungee Tie and Ball

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When you stake out your tarp, your rope or cordage pulls against the fabric where the grommets are. Especially in windy conditions, this pulling weakens the fabric and will eventually tear out your grommet. Using the bungee tie and ball, you allow that extra "give" when the wind blows. The bungee material takes the brunt of the force caused by the wind and stretches the bungee instead of tugging away at your tarp's edges.

Bungee Tie and Ball

Bungee Tie and Ball

Whether it be a tarp, tent fly, emergency blanket or whatever else you're staking out, the bungees help prevent the tearing out of your grommet when pulled on by excessive wind. By pre-installing these on all your grommet holes, you are also making setting up and staking out your tarp that much quicker. With the tie and ball already in place, you simply have to stake it down.

Bungee Tie and Ball Outside Look

Underside Look of Ball and Tie

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