Grab and Go Meal Kits

Wise Company Grab and Go Food Kits are perfect for any unplanned emergency. These readymade meals are packed in airtight, nitrogen-packed Mylar pouches, and then encased in easy to carry, durable plastic containers.

The unique packaging process removes the majority of the residual oxygen through a nitrogen flushing practice. Wise Company Grab and Go Food Kits carry up to shelf life of 25 years, with absolutely no rotation needed.

Just Add WaterReal food, real meals, prepared in minutes by just adding water. Wise Company takes an innovative approach, providing dependable, simple, and affordable ready-made freeze dry and dehydrated meals for emergency preparedness.

Helping you prepare your family for the future, Wise Company provides great tasting, nutritious entrée’s that are quick and easy.

Finally a dependable, simple, and affordable choice for both your emergency food supply needs.