Pathfinder Advanced Class Graduate

by Survival Gear

Steve Thibeault and Dave CanterburyAlready a Basic course graduate, Steve Thibeault recently attended and graduated the Pathfinder Advanced Class taught by Dave Canterbury, co-host of Dual Survival on Discovery Channel.

Wilderness self reliance is about being able to sustain yourself with little or no gear. Dave's Pathfinder system teaches the 10 C's of survivability:

  • Cutting Tool
  • Combustion Device
  • Cover
  • Container
  • Cordage
  • Cotton Bandanna
  • Compass
  • Candling Device
  • Cloth Sail Needle
  • Cargo Tape

With these ten things, you're taught to provide for all your needs during a short or even an extended stay in the wild. For the things you don't have, you have the tools to make them out of natural materials so you can continue on. Owning these skills makes you less reliant on your gear and more reliant on yourself and your best survival tool: your brain.


Congratulations!! I am very proud to know that there is someone that has acquired new life skills that are useful, resourceful, and reliable. Learning to live is a tool we are not born with, it is learned through experience, or it is taught by someone who has experienced it. Best wishes.
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