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All food storage plans have a basic limitation. No matter how much food you have stored up, whether 3 months or even a year or two, eventually you're going to run out. What then?

Survival Seeds - The Answer to Beyond Long Term Food Storage Plans

If you're a true prepper, you'll have looked beyond the easy part of long term food storage, and thought about how you're going to eat over the long haul. What all of us come to realize is that we are going to have to depend on ourselves to feed our family.

By obtaining survival seeds (meaning they can be stored for a period of time), you will have secured the means to sustain yourself and your family for the rest of your lives. As long as you can plant yourself a garden year after year, you will always have food.

You will also have barter items you can use to trade for other important things you may need. Everyone will need to eat and you can make a lucrative trade business with your healthy abundance of crops and a variety of fruits, vegetables, and herbs.

This combined seed pack, includes all the great non-hybrid long-term preparedness seeds into one discounted package. Includes our Culinary Herb Garden, Fruit Garden, Salsa Garden, Medicinal Garden, and our super-sized Everlasting Garden pack.

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