Survival Snare Guide

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Created by Mike Helton of Mike Helton Survival and Prepping, this simple guide will teach you the basics of snaring.

My simple snare guide will help a person possibly get food in a survival situation by snaring it.

Survival Snare Guide

I wrote this guide in simple steps and words so someone who has never used a snare will be able to use them to help them survive. This package comes with 4 premade snares that I hand make along with four picture frame wire snares for easy setup. This package is designed for use in a short-term survival situation meaning 2 to 5 days.

A set up survival snare

Due to having only eight survival snares combined, a person may want to purchase additional snares if they feel like they will need more. The snares are made to catch small animals from Martin muskrat squirrels rabbits raccoons and even beaver. They come in shorter lengths to help cut down on weight because sometimes a regular 4 foot snare is just too long.

Remember snaring is just like trapping hunting and fishing; there is no guarantee you're going to catch something. But having the right survival items will improve your chances. I would advise anyone who buys this guide to read it and practice with the snares - just don't buy it and put it into your pack and forget about it.

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