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Survival Tools and Equipment

Survival tools in a survival situation are things that help keep you alive. These pieces of equipment that you have in your survival kit are what you rely on to accomplish things you normally can take for granted. Of course, the most important tool is not something you put in your kit; it's in your head.

Survival Tools

Defined: A tool is, among other things, a device that provides a mechanical or mental advantage in accomplishing a task.

One of the most critical survival tools is your fire starting mechanisms. Waterproof matches, a magnesium fire stick, or a mil spec Spark-Lite fire starter can all be used to perform one of the basic tasks needed in a survival situation: provide warmth. Without warmth, you can perish in a matter of hours due to hypothermia.

Shelter keeps you out of the elements: wind, rain, and snow. Your body can be battered if left in the open and will not be able to sustain itself for long. An emergency blanket as a survival tool provides an effective wind break and also retains your own body heat. By keeping your body heat around yourself, your body doesn't have to strain to produce more heat. Other tools for providing shelter include a tube tent, a poncho, or even a garbage bag. By keeping the weather off of you, your body isn't fighting against the elements.

Your survival mirror and survival whistle provide effective signaling tools for getting the attention you need in a dire circumstance. You can't yell for help all day long, you'd go hoarse in short order. By having visual and audible signals, you can greatly increase your chances of gaining much needed attention. If you were stranded in a remote location, a signal mirror can let an over flying plane know where you are. A loud whistle that can be heard for miles lets searches know exactly where you are.

There are many other tools you can use in a survival situation. A good knife is perhaps your best friend in an outdoors activity. A shovel can help you dig a good fire pit or improve your shelter. Don't forget about a quality sewing kit. Mending clothing that may have to last you eliminates drafts and keeps your clothes where they belong: on you.

wilderness survival gear

Wilderness Survival Gear Kit


emergency blanket

Emergency Blanket


 Spark Lite Fire Starter

Fire Starter


magnesium fire starter

Magnesium Stick


emergency tinder

Emergency Tinder


multi tool

Multi Tool


match box

Match Box


survival whistle

Survival Whistle


signal mirror

Signal Mirror


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