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I really appreciate buying survival products from someone who is not just in the business, but who practices the bushcraft trade. I use this site predominantly to buy my outdoor/survival gear, and the service really is superb, always on time, and correct. High quality products as well. When it comes to survival or just depending on this equipment to make sure your kids have an enjoyable experience out in the woods, this is the place to buy.

Highly recommended,


I have ordered SO MANY things from this web site! I LOVE IT! I have a great BUG OUT BAG by my front door. Plus I have begun stocking up on food etc to hunker down at home. I have a great crawl space under my home. I have a unseen trap door inside to enter it. It is a awesome space for storage and a get away if need be. I have told alot of my Prepper friends about the bargains on your web site! I look through your site weekly.

By the way the 'Yo Yo Reel' is great, I've caught bass with it several times! Love your stuff! Lady Survivalist...

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