Tinder Quik


is waterproof emergency tinder and each one burns for 1-2 minutes giving you plenty of time to start a fire. These emergency tinders are excellent survival items themselves. Any spark will light them and they burn for enough time to get kindling ablaze.

Tinder Quik Fire Starting Tabs

In a survival situation, a fire gives you light, warmth, allows you to cook, purify water, and keeps away the large animals.

tinder quickIf you find yourself shivering and desperate to make a fire, these Tinder-Quik fire tabs will be sure to light up your kindlin to get you warm and toasty. Pull one out, fluff up one end, and shoot a spark at it. That's all it takes to get this tinder going.

With proper tinder, a spark is all you need to get a fire going.

    Package includes:
  • Package of 20 Tinder-Quik tinder strips
  • 1 SparkLite Fire Starter

waterproof match boxThis emergency tinder is small and compact making it ideal for a survival kit. You can fit the Spark-Lite Fire Starter and some tinders inside a waterproof match box and still have room for more matches.

Multi-purpose Spark-Lite™ firestarter can be used for starting camp stoves, wood fires, BBQ's, candles and much more! With one of these, you will always be able to start a fire.

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