Wise Company on Doomsday Preppers

by Survival Gear

Wise Company long term food storage has teamed up with National Geopgraphic's TV show, Doomsday Preppers. The new season starts in November and Wise Company will be the featured advertiser for the new shows.

As a retailer of these long shelf life foods, we are excited to see the TV exposure to help get the word out about stocking up for long term emergencies and being able to take care of yourself.

Many of our customers are even using their food buckets as everyday dinners for the family. Since the cost of meals is cheaper than going to the store, it make economical sense.

Wise Company foods have great storage life of up to 25 years.They will be there when you need them. Think of it as food insurance. With the cost of food rising all the time, locking in the cost of food at today's prices is financially savvy as well.

Start your own food storage program today or add to what you already have and extend the time you'll get to eat good during a collapse.

Wise Company Food on Doomsday Preppers