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yo-yo fishing reel
Yo-Yo Fishing Reel
$3.50 $2.97
This automatic fishing reel does your fishing for you while you do other things! The Yo Yo is an automatic fishing reel made of steel with a...
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magnesium fire starter
Magnesium Fire Starter
$17.99 $16.99

This is the military issue magnesium fire starter. The flint rod will not break off in extreme cold, heat, or dropping on a hard surface unlike other models. Something to think about when buying one of these. You want your fire starter to stay intact.

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Survival Snare Wire for Sale
Snare Wire
100' flexible 24-gauge brass wire can be used for snares, securing your gill net, lashing sticks or branches together, securing gear, squirrel, small game,...
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Large Military Rucksack
Rucksack - with Frame
$153.99 $121.99
Large, military-type rucksack. Same style backpack we carried in the the Army. The bug out bag has many pockets and attachment points for carrying a full...
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Storable Containers
Storable Containers
$7.98 $4.98
Food safe plastic containers with interchangeable caps for every pourable liquid or solid such as instant coffee, sugar, cooking oil, lotions, pills,...
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Razor Knife
Razor Knife
The Derma-Safe Knife is a light to medium duty cutting tool. The Folding Razor Knife is a pocket size carton opener, hobby knife, detailers tool, carving...
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P38 Can Opener
P38 Can Opener
$0.99 $0.50
The P38 can opener has a long history in the military. Designed as a tool to open up ration cans, the P38 quickly turned into a versatile multi-tool. Used...
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550 Cord
The ultimate field rope, 550 cord has been used for just about anything where strong cordage is needed. Available in 100 foot lengths. 550 Cord -...
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Large Survival Backpack
Large Survival Backpack
$87.99 $75.00
The large survival backpack by Rothco fits our definition of a perfect sized pack for bugging out or creating a survival kit. Lots of room with multiple...
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Basic Survival Kit
Basic Backpack Kit
This basic survival kit is perfect as a beginning vehicle or backpack kit. You should have a basic survival kit in your backpack, car, boat, truck or any...
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Budget Survival Kit
Budget Survival Kit
The budget survival kit contains all your basic necessities all in one convenient backpack. You have food, water, shelter, fire starting, light, and even...
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watertight match box
Watertight Match Box
This watertight match box has a primary use of placing your emergency matches inside and keeping them dry. The watertight match box has a seal in the cap...
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