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Yo-Yo Fishing Reel

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Yo Yo - Automatic Fish Setting Fishing Reel

This automatic fishing reel does your fishing for you while you do other things!

The Yo Yo is an automatic fishing reel made of steel with a tempered spring that automatically sets the hook when the trigger is released by a fish taking the bait. When the fish tries to get away, the spring-loaded line reels them back in - automatically. These reels are very popular for catching Crappie and Catfish.

Yo Yo Fishing Reel

Yo-Yo's can be attached to limbs, boat docks, the side of a boat, or any other means that will suspend the reel a couple of inches above the water. They also make an excellent device for ice fishing. Many people use these yo-yo's for jug fishing. Use in conjunction with your survival fishing kit.


Do they work? Check out these yo-yo fishing videos!


You should keep a yo yo or two in your survival kit. Instead of actively fishing, you can set this automatic fishing reel and use your limited daylight to take care of other things such as improving your shelter. Check the yo-yo after a couple of hours and retrieve your dinner. Eat a great meal and sleep more comfortably (under the circumstances).

  • Strong, lasting, durable
  • Stainless steel spring
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Adjustable line tension
  • Fisherman tried and tested for years
  • 60lb test line
  • Sets the fish and holds automatically
  • Spring/String unravels about 7 1/2 feet from Yo-Yo

In a survival setting, you can also bait a hook to catch birds and small animals. Don't get squeamish. If you're out of food, you need to eat to keep up your strength and spirits. A proven device to catch fish is an excellent, lightweight survival item to keep in your emergency survival kit. You can also fish with them in many locations. Check local fishing regulations.

Fishing Yo Yo

I knew I would have the opportunity to fish. The yo-yo worked well but fishes there were also biting on the anchor! Eventually, just dropping a single hook, no lead nore floater and a piece of beef jerky did the work. But the Yo-yo did work.
Spring/String unravels about 7 1/2 feet from Yo-Yo
How long is the line
These are the true set it and forget it---that is until you are ready to eat! They work and they are well built. Can't go wrong here
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