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Tools and Equipment

Survival Tools to help make your life in the field more bearable and survivable.

These are quality products that are inexpensive. They work! Here you'll find snare wire, shovels, knives, fishing yo-yos, even a pocket chainsaw. What you take in your kit makes surviving easier.

Survival Knives      

Bear Pepper Spray
Bear Pepper Spray


Complete LBE Set
Complete LBE Set Up/System


LBE with Canteens and Cups
LBE and Canteens with Cup


work gloves
Work Gloves


Solar Charger Panel
Solar Panel Charger


Survival Snare Wire for Sale
Snare Wire


P38 Can Opener
P38 Can Opener

$0.99   $0.50

Columbia River Eat 'N Tool
Columbia River Eat N Tool

$9.49   $8.50

Razor Knife
Razor Knife