We've compiled a bunch of survival related articles on this page. Most of them have been submitted by readers and visitors of this website. These survival articles are here to help you gain knowledge and understanding of the different views on survival and what it means to different people.

As you'll see while you read these articles, everyone has a different take of what survival is or what should be in a survival kit or how best to do this or that survival task. The diversity of the articles is what makes them so good.

We'll continue to compile survival articles and place them here on this site for your education and perusal. If you'd like to write an article and have it published here, send it to us and if appropriate, we'll add it.

Many articles are good primers for beginners and some are good for even the most seasoned expert. It is our hope that you can gain from what is here and that these survival articles are indeed helpful to you.


-Plastic Poncho Survival Multi-Tool

-Staying Warm

-Survival Clothing

-Dressed for Survival

-Survival Shelter - Keeping Warm and Dry


-Medical and Dental Tips

-Wound Care

-Snakebites in the Field

-Dental Survival Kit

-Surviving Hygiene



-A good quality knife is important

-Don't forget defense, Which is offense

-The .410 Shotgun as a Survival Tool

-The Urban Survivor's Tool Bag

-550 Paracord For Survival


-The best survival kit is a usable survival kit

- Jungle Survival Kit

-Function of a Survial Kit or Bug Out Bag

-Car Kit

-Compact Pocket Kit

-Review Your Bug-Out-Bag - Disaster Kit

-Your Survival Kit and You

-What's in Your Pockets?

-How Small is Too Small

-Meeting Basic Needs

-Stocked Survival Backpack

Food & Water

-Survival Fishing

-Food for Thought

-Water in Life or Death Survival

-Scrounging water in an urban setting

-The Basic Survival Pantry

-Survival 101

-Don't Forget Your Pets


-Urban Survival

-Baby Step to Survival

-Better too Much, Than too Little

-Bug Out Bags May Be Your Lifeline

-Staying Psychologically Alive in a Survival Situation

-Survival Kids Style

-Basic Survival By a Boy Scout

-Snowboard (skier) Survival Preparation

-Thinking About Family Survival

-The Essentials of a Survival Situation

-5 Tiny Things for your Survival Kit

-Light Weight Gear for Your Over Night Mountain Biking Trip

-Simple Survival Items that can make life more Pleasant

-Bug Out Bag for Baby

-Why a Personal First Aid Kit is Essential

-Home Emergency Supplies

-Self Reliant Mindset

-Emergency Home Kit

-Survival Kit Checklist