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Stoves and Fuel

You wake up early in the cold morning and realize your fire is completely out. You know you have things to do today but all you really want right now is your morning cup of coffee. You could rekindle your fire, but it would be a waste of wood since you are leaving camp right away. Then you thank yourself for having a camp stove and a fuel source that will boil your water without any trouble at all. By the time you fully wake up, your water is boiling hot.

A good camp stove is an excellent addition to your emergency kit or even just your regular camping gear. A pocket stove is a very compact piece of cooking gear that can heat your food or just purify the water you pulled from the stream. These do not take up much room in your pack and the convenience of having a ready made stovetop is invaluable.

Fold Up Pocket Stove
Fold Up Pocket Stove


Military Gel Fuel
Military Gel Fuel

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A compact stove can be used in many different scenarios. It's lightweight design allows it to be carried without taking up much space or weighing you down. With fuel tabs being used for fire, you're not restricted or limited to finding wood to get a blaze going.

Each tablet will burn for long enough to boil your water or heat up your food. You get 12-15 minutes of heat with each one.

In a city environment where there's not much in the wood fuel department, a small portable stove can be your emergency stovetop.

These are especially useful while traveling. Instead of gathering tinder, kindling and larger fuel, you can stop, light a tab and be cooking pretty much immediately.

One tablet will heat a quart (32 oz) of water easily and you can still heat up any rations you have as well. As part of your emergency or survival gear, these metal stoves fit right in with your preps.

Keep one in your garage and one in your pack. There are other fuel sources as well so you can choose whichever method you'd like or are more comfortable with.

You can find a stove that comes with fuel tabs and one that doesn't. Both work the same so if you don't need fuel, or want to use something different, you can save some bucks.