About Us

TBO-TECH Survival Gear is committed to bringing you quality survival gear you can use in a real world emergency. Our emergency kits have been put together with you and your family, co-workers, or fellow students in mind. They will sustain you through a 3 day ordeal by providing you with food and water and other necessary equipment you will need in order to survive.

Steve ThibeaultI started TBO-TECH in April of 2000 offering self defense and personal protection products. Since then, our business has grown into one of the largest online websites for that industry. Our success stems from our customer service orientation along with high quality products that people can depend on.

However, I have always had an interest in survival gear and the outdoors. Being a former soldier, camper, hunter, and a general outdoor enthusiast, survival gear seemed the next logical step I wanted to take with our company.

When I first thought of starting a website for survival gear, I did a lot of research on the subject regarding which items to offer. It seemed there were several websites that already offered survival gear and kits but they all had different ideas of what should go into a survival kit.

I decided I would create my own kits containing the items I would want to have in a survival kit and the gear I would use if I were in a real world emergency or survival situation. I didn't want to put together a generic survival kit that may or may not help someone survive.

What I then did was seek out the most expert authorities on survival and see which specific products were the most highly recommended. Practical, premium, survival kits and gear that I would be confident in using to keep me and my family alive in a real world emergency or survival situation. When it comes down to family, only the best will do.

World reknowned survival expert, Doug Ritter, founder of Equipped to Survive, had come up with a pocket sized essential survival kit that could be carried with you at all times. Based on his expert knowledge, he chose the items he would have in an essentials kit and made sure that the quality of the items would hold up to practical, out in the woods, rugged use. The quality of the individual survival items impressed me so much that I had to offer this product and to also offer the individual items to help people create their own QUALITY kits as well.

From there I sought out other suppliers of the highest quality gear and picked and chose the items I thought were best suited to offer on my website. My main criteria was that all items we offered had to be of the best available. I was not going to offer sloppily created survival kits and gear that couldn't be of significant value to our customers. (there's enough of that out there where they are just 'checking the box' on "required items') You don't want cheaply made gear that would fail you at critical times when you need them the most.

The result is our premium survival kits that contain quality gear you will be able to count on in critical circumstances. Although cost is a bit higher than others, you are much better served with the products in our survival kits than those of many others. And I'm completely confident that the choice of contents contained in our premium kits is much better thought out than the majority of emergency kits you will find anywhere.

For those of you looking to supplement your own survival kit or kits purchased elsewhere, the products we put in our survival packs are available for you to purchase separately or as an add-on.

"I use the gear carried on this website in the woods, hunting, and camping with the kids. If it doesn't work for me, I'm not going to offer it to you. You can be sure that the products offered on this website are of the highest quality and are able to be used in real world environments."


TBOTECH reserves the right to change brands, manufacturers, or specific items in order to improve; along with actual experience of hands on usage of specific products.