"A survival kit is not something you figure out when an emergency happens. It's a bug out bag already filled with life saving and sustaining gear and is easily accessible."

What is one?

It is a collection of useful gear you can use to provide for your human needs such as shelter, warmth, nutrition, medical needs, safety and security, as well as signaling. It will also contain equipment and tools you can use to improve your circumstances whether you are sheltering in place or moving to a new location.

Guardian 3 Day Survival Kit

Survival Kit

Why should I have one?

To survive a natural or man made event either at home or away. This could be a hurricane, earthquake, tornado damage, a vehicle break down, even just a snowstorm that makes the roads unpassable. In many places, if there's some bad weather on the way, the grocery stores get cleaned out.

Should food be part of an emergency kit?

It's certainly part of your overall plan. I personally like to add extras like freeze-dried camping meals. They don't weigh much and they'll fill you up. For your home preps, ask yourself, "What if I run out of food (and grocery store day is tomorrow) when the roads go down?"

To me, the best option is to store emergency food. How much? If you have none, store enough for a few days. If you have enough for a few days, get enough for a week. How much you store depends on what time frame you think you're at risk for having to be completely independent. The early settlers of the southwest liked to store enough food for a whole year and still do to this day!

Where should I keep a kit?

Aside from your spare tire and jumper cables, your vehicle kit should be able to take care of you and other passengers in a worst case scenario, like you are stranded alone next to only the wilderness.

A lot of survival gear you would need for a home emergency kit can come from your own camping supplies. You want a stove to cook on, sleeping bags to sleep in, etc. Yet, another name for one of these is a bug out bag. If you had to pick up and leave immediately, your home pack should have everything you need, ready to go out the door.

Say you're at work and a terrorist attack occurs. Roads are closed to any and all traffic but you only want to get home - even if that means walking. You may not want to grab your full on family pack in the car or you may not even be able to get to it. But you just want a light kit to get you through. How far is it to get home from wherever you may be? This get home kit should provide for 1-3 nights of traveling on foot till you make it home.

What should be in my car survival kit during the winter?

It's simply being prepared.™

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Earthquakes, tornadoes, and hurricanes can cause you to leave your home or even be trapped there. Roads could be blocked due to fallen trees, power lines, or even damaged earth from the natural disaster. Rescue crews can not be in all places at once. You may have to wait it out for quite a while before its over. You won't be able to go to the store or to the corner market.

Are you prepared to stick it out on your own for several days?

This is the scenario most people should be preparing for and is the thought process behind our survival gear products. While it can be entertaining to envision zombies or a giant asteroid ending our world, our packs are made for real-world basic human needs and much more likely scenarios.

If you have to get out of dodge immediately without any time to prepare, your survival kit can save your life. Just grab it and go!

Our Bug Out Bags are packed with high-quality components. These are well stocked and are great for almost any situation. Every home, office, and vehicle should have an emergency kit!

It's simply being prepared.™

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