Bug Out Bag

Your bug out bag is there to keep you alive in dire situations. Hurricane, tornado, earthquake, stranded vehicle. It may be cold, rainy, and just miserable out. Thinking worst scenario prepares you for any scenario. Your bug out bag needs to consist of the things you'll need to keep you and yours alive.

So what exactly do you need?

If you have a need to grab your bug out bag, you are immediately thrust into a leadership position. You'll need to assess the situation and determine your next course of action. With others with you, there will be other issues to contend with. Having a well stocked and readily available emergency kit will make things much easier.

backpack bug out bagYour bug out bag or survival kit needs to be easily transported. (A backpack is one of the best methods of accomplishing this.)

★Why do you want it in a backpack?

Most likely, one of the first things you'll need to do is move. You'll want or need to leave, and thinking about how to bring anything you need is not what you would like as a priority. Your bug out bag has everything you need to help you survive an emergency, Backpacking is the easiest way to transport your bug out bag.

Food and water are of course first to come to mind and should certainly be a priority. Your bug out bag should have food and water but what else? Think of yourself in a survival situation. You have nothing but the clothes on your back, it's cold, raining, and you are too many miles from any civilization. Fire and shelter help with the cold and rain.

You must have a means of getting yourself warm. Fire also provides for cooking and boiling additional water. You must take care of your immediate needs so you can start thinking about future needs. A magnesium stick is perhaps the best thing you could have to get a fire started. They last a long time and always light.

Waterproof matches can be lit even when wet and can be crucial to starting a fire in the rain. At least one of these fire starting options should be located inside your bug out bag. You will also need a knife to shave the magnesium.

Emergency Blanket - A blanket...also a shelter. These are compact, very light necessities of any bug out bag or survival kit. Emergency blankets reflect your body heat back on to you so you can stay warm even in cold. They can also be fastened into a shelter to keep the rain off. Don't underestimate the value of an emergency blanket, especially since it does not use up much space or weight.

With these simple items, you have taken care of your immediate needs. As a leader, taking care of issues quickly and efficiently also leads to your best chance of survival. You can think better shelter as soon as possible. But for now, you will last the night.

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