Fanny Pack Bug Out Bag

The little bit of items described above (previous page) got you through the night. But as a bare minimum bug out bag, there are other survival items that will make your life even more comfortable. Weight, is of course a factor in deciding what type of bug out bag to get. A fanny pack is much smaller than a backpack so you'll need to be more frugal in your choice of contents. A back pack affords more space to carry more stuff.

Fanny Pack Bug Out Bag

tube tentGetting through the night is a first priority. Going on from there is the obvious second. Protection from the elements means not getting rained on, not freezing your butt off, not baking in a desert sun. Although the emergency blanket was nice, a poncho holds more shelter value than an emergency blanket. Your poncho is larger, keeps out more of the weather, and can be fastened into an A-frame tent for protection on all sides of your body. A fanny pack has a lot of room as long as you pack it right. A poncho doesn't take much space; and wouldn't you rather have an emergency blanket AND a poncho?

I mentioned knife above in the magnesium stick paragraph but a knife is a critical component of any survival kit. A simple Swiss Army Knife takes care of most of your needs and is small enough to reserve a spot in your bug out bag. A good knife is one of the most important survival tools you have. You can use it to make kindling, whittle tools, prepare game and fish, and pretty much every thing else you'll need to do. The swiss army type knife and a multi tool are good tools in that they are versatile, but you should really have a sturdy knife for heavy duty chores such as batonning wood. I carry the RSK-1 as an everyday carry knife and use it a lot whenever I go camping. Whichever knife you use, be sure to have it on you at all times.

Fishing Set - If you are lucky enough to be near a body of water, you'll thank yourself over and over for having a basic fishing kit with you. Fresh fish for dinner would certainly improve anyone's demeanor. It's important to make sure everyone is looking towards the future and not giving up. From a survival stand point, every healthy able body can improve your chances of survival. Hooks, line, and sinkers is all you need. You can fashion a pole from a stick.

First Aid Kit - A basic first aid kit can not be overlooked. Hopefully, you won't have a use for it, but if you or someone else does... bandages, gauze, ointment, and pain relief could make everyone's life easier.

Remember the beginning where I said you have nothing but the clothes on your back? Ever walked or spent time in nature? Clothes get ripped and torn. Needle and thread can go a long way in a survival situation. Sewing kits have been carried by soldiers as long as a sewing kit was thought of. Having one on you can keep you covered while you figure out how to use animal skin for clothing (or get rescued).

These are the basics of essential survival. The bare minimum. If this is all you could take, you'd be happy you did.

There is a lot more survival gear that you could put into a bug out bag. By preparing in advance, you could fill a backpack with enough equipment and survival gear to sustain you and three others for 3 days or more. If you have pets that are going with you, then you'll need to provide for them as well. A can of dog food for each person to carry. And they'll need water replenishment too.

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