Back Pack Bug Out Bag

Including all the essentials from the fanny pack bug out bag, there's quite a few more items that I'd be sure to have in a prepacked life saver. A backpack bug out bag can hold more survival gear and the overall weight of the backpack is spread out over your center of balance making it easy to transport a large number of items.

Back Pack Bug Out Bag

550 Cord - This common outdoorsman rope has many uses including its inner strands that make the whole a lot stronger. Having rope, cord, twine or even nature provided lashing material will make your survival situation a lot easier to endure. Whatever you can do to make life better is a step in the right direction.

A common use of cordage is to secure your shelter. When you get a poncho, get one that has grommets along the edges. This way you'll have holes already there so you can attach your rope and more easily secure the poncho into a shelter. If you don't have grommets already in place, you can make your own. Wrap a corner of the poncho around a small rock and tie it off. You can then use the wrapped rock as a tie off point to stake down the poncho ends. 550 cord is good for traps, fabricating tools and weapons, and has so many other uses. Be sure to have 550 cord in your bug out bag.

A light weight mini folding shovel will fit right in your backpack bug out bag and has an obvious usefulness to it. Dig out a fire pit, trench around your sleeping shelter to keep rain from getting inside, chop the head off a snake, or use it as a hatchet. It has many light work uses. And the lighter it is, the less weight you'll be carrying in your pack.

A pocket chainsaw allows you to cut logs into smaller logs or can even be used to cut down a small tree. They don't take much space and will help you get work done quicker in the field. Efficiency in getting work done allows you more time to get other things done. These are compact and lightweight earning them a spot in your backpack bug out bag.

Everyone that's with you should be aware of the equipment available and how to use each survival item. Survival in a group setting is dependent upon each person doing their part. By yourself, all work needing to be done has to be done by you. If you have more than yourself, be sure to keep everyone occupied doing something constructive. This keeps their mind going and adds a sense of accomplishment toward the ultimate goal - Survival or rescue.

As a leader, it is your responsibility to maintain the well being of all who are with you. This is more than feeding and watering them. People react differently to situations and as a leader you have to be aware of emotional needs as well. A couple words of encouragement can keep them motivated to get the job done thus improving your chances of survival. Showing you care also earns trust. If someone is confident you know what you are doing, they won't be completely consumed about whether they are going to live or die. They will do their part knowing that it's helping the overall effort.

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