550 Paracord

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The ultimate field rope, 550 cord has been used for just about anything where strong cordage is needed. Available in 100 foot lengths.

550 Cord - Utility Cordage

550 cord was originally, and still is, used for attaching the canopy of a parachute to the harness the airborne soldier wears when jumping out of a perfectly good airplane.

In any survival kit, you're most likely going to find some 550 cord. It is made up of an outer sheath with 7 smaller inner strands inside. This gives it the strength to hold 550 lbs.

Use it for constructing shelters, attaching your equipment to yourself so you don't lose it, the inner strands for fishing, making traps, tiedowns, lashings, shelter building, friction fire making, fishing line and nets, splints, repairing equipment, tooth floss...the field uses are innumerable.

Many people even replace their shoelaces with 550 cord so they always have some with them. It's a good way to always be prepared.

Parachute cord - 550 cord

550 Lb. Test | 7 Strand Core.

No one should ever go out without good old solid wire...secure equipmentt, knots, fix things like a back pack or tent, hammock or piece of clothing, make a trap...
I went on a semi-survival trip on the French desert corral ring of Clipperton. No one should ever go out without a spare good lenght of solid rope/cord on any trip.I used mine to compress gear I packed in the dry bags I pushed through the breakers.to go onshore. I used plenty to hang things from coconut trees away from the omnivorous hungry land crabs and rats. Always carry some.
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