Bug Out Bag Gear

Keeping a fully stocked bug out bag is essential to survival in the dire circumstance that you may need it. Ideally, you will never have to use a survival kit. However, it's such a low-cost insurance policy on your life that it's negligent not to have one. Especially if you have a family or others who depends on you.

The bug out bag is not something you figure out when an emergency happens. It's a survival kit that is already filled with life-saving and sustaining gear and is easily accessible. If you have to get out of Dodge immediately without any time to prepare anything, your bug out bag can save your life.

backpack survival kitOr, say a catastrophic event occurs and you do have time to get some things together. In an emergency, time is valuable. The first thing you'd want to grab is your kit. Anything else is icing on the cake.

Other survival items that can easily fit in a bug out bag can be varied. If you do any reading at all on this subject, at least one consensus will tell you this: Each kit ought to be personalized for the individual utilizing it. If there is anything else that should go into your survival kit, you are responsible for adding it. An example would be medications. Over-the-counter or prescriptions meds are an individual choice or responsibility. Be sure to think of this prior to bugging out. A first aid kit already stocked with standard bandages and pain relief is a must as well.

Chem lights are essential items for light. If a fire just isn't getting started, you can still have light available. Bend, snap, and shake the light stick and you're good for up to 12 hours. I always like to have extra of these for the kids. Their own personal light keeps them from being frightened and can be a source of entertainment for them. (Personal Success Hint - when there is a storm at home and it's bedtime, we give the kids their own light stick and let them sleep with it. They stop being scared of the thunder and lightning and they do go to sleep.)

Tissue packs are modern conveniences that won't last long but sure do add to personal comfort.

A candle is a source of warmth and light and can really lift your spirits. All alone on a cold rainy night, a single candle under your shelter goes a long way. If your shelter is enclosed, a candle will take the bite out of the chill. By providing a small light source, you can make tools, eat, and plan your next move in relative comfort. We include a candle or two in our backpack survival kits.

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