Backpack Survival Items

A waterproof match container holds your matches, keeps them dry and out of the weather. These waterproof containers are great for anything else you may want to protect.

Fire SticksFiresticks are easily lit and burn for enough time to get other kindling and smaller sticks into a good fire. Proper fire starting preparation is key to being successful in getting a fire going. Manufactured emergency tinder is also a good choice. Both light when wet and burn for several minutes.

Trioxane bars are solid fuel that produces extreme heat and can be used for cooking or boiling water. It earns a spot in the survival bug out bag because even though they are gone once you use them, they provide for immediate needs while you're still getting your act together.

A loud whistle is a good signaling device. It alerts others to your location for easy rescue. It can also be used to centralize your location if your party gets split up.

A square foot of aluminum foil folded up takes nearly zero space. You can direct the heat of a small fire during cooking. You can also use it to cook your freshly caught fish. As a reflecting surface, you can alert aircraft to your location.

One last item that goes in the survival kit is a sling shot. In a survival situation with only a bug out bag with you, the food you brought is going to run out. From day one or as soon as possible, you should be thinking about how to get more nourishment for your body. There are many ways in the field to do this; just make sure you start the thought process as soon as possible.

A sling shot can be used to kill or stun small game once you get good at hitting your target. If you stun an animal, approach carefully and kill quickly so there is no chance your dinner can escape.

Another benefit of a sling shot is its recreational value. In a true survival situation, there is much to do. But there may be down times also. Practicing with a sling shot is great fun and can be enjoyed by everyone. Make a contest out of it and see who gets closest to the target. (Leadership Observation - The "winner" is your hunter).

Review of Survival Items in your Bug Out Bag