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Ranger Beads - Pace Counting Beads

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Ranger beads are used to keep track of the distance you travel on foot. You can accurately walk a specific distance by using these pace counting beads. While this simple device can be easily created on your own, here is one already made for you. (And you don't have to find or purchase any beads.)

Pace Counting Beads

How to - Ranger Pace Counting Beads - Instructions

  1. You must first figure out your own pace count for 100 meters by walking that distance and counting every other step. For instance, count every time your left foot hits the ground. When you get to the end of a hundred meters, stop counting. This is your own pace count. You should do this 2 or 3 times and take the average. For example, my pace count is 63.
  2. Start with all beads pulled to the up position. To use the ranger beads, head in your intended direction and begin to count your steps. When you reach your pace count, you know that you've traveled one hundred meters.
  3. After pacing off 100 meters, pull down one bead from the nine (9) bead section. This keeps track of every hundred meters you go. When you've reached your pace count again, you will pull down another bead. Two beads mean you've traveled 200 meters.
  4. Continue walking until all nine beads have been pulled down. This signifies 900 meters and you have no more beads to pull down from the lower nine (9) bead section. Continue to travel toward your objective counting your pace.
  5. After walking another 100 meters, pull down one (1) bead from the upper four (4) bead section and slide all nine lower beads back to the top. This marks 1 kilometer.
  6. Continue pulling down a bead from the (9) bead section every time you hit your pace count. When you get to 2 kilometers, pull a bead down from the upper (4) bead section.
  7. Repeat steps above until all beads are pulled down (both the nine bead section and four bead section), this should be 5 kilometers OR until you have reached the desired distance you intended to travel.

Ranger Beads can be used for land navigation, scouting, orienteering, and even hiking.

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