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This Wire Camping Saw or wire string saw will cut wood, plastic, bone, rubber and soft metal. The unique multi-strand design is twenty-one inches. Carry in your pocket or in your survival pack. Great item for a bug out bag. Cuts in any direction.

Please note - These are not like a pocket chainsaw where it has thick steel and you can power through a big log. You have to take it easy with these, starting off slow and not putting too much pressure on them. They will certainly cut through wood and I've used them for that. I've also broken one by letting it get too hot from friction.

It’s an emergency saw for light work. Something small to have in your kit to get you through, but it’s not going to be a workhorse.

Wire Camping String Saw

This can be used to cut a variety of different materials such as branches, bone, and soft metals such as aircraft aluminum.

The string saw can cut in places you wouldn't be able to get with a larger saw. The benefit of this is obvious to an aircraft crash survivor or someone in the wilderness. Allows the survivor or the pilot to use the structural materials in the downed aircraft, passenger vehicle and/or environmental attributes (i.e. wood, branches) from the surrounding area to make shelters, tools, etc.

The main issue with traditional wire saws is that there are inconsistencies with the way the wires are wrapped. The traditional wire saw does not present a consistent cutting surface and the wire has a tendency to "snag". This can result in a broken wire, either in the strands where knots and smaller wires form a weak spot in the wire, or the connections to the rings or handles from the sudden shock to the wire when the wire snags.

Cutting BladeThis wire camping uses an entirely different blade in that it is "spiral" in design. This wire survival saw is more versatile and much safer than any flat blade, as the unique spiral design allows cutting in any direction. Made of durable stainless steel, all edges of the spiral blade are cutting edges.

Thin Wire Saw

Wire Saw

Make a Hand Held SawField tip: The string saw can also be strung between the ends of a bent curved stick to make a bow saw. This survival tool idea is used by military pilots and special operations personnel worldwide.

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