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Snare Wire100' flexible 24-gauge brass wire can be used for snares, securing your gill net, lashing sticks or branches together, securing gear, squirrel, small game, shelter construction, etc.

Survival Snare Wire

Comes in a carded enclosure and wrapped around a spool so it doesn't get all tangled up. The packaging also has metal snips to make cutting the brass wire a snap.

What is the proper snare wire gauge? A basic component of most survival kits is 24 Gauge Brass Snare Wire. 24 Gauge is strong, easily molded, and a good diameter for survival snaring. It can be used to catch small animals such as squirrels so you can get the calories you need to survive.

This is a lightweight piece of gear you should keep in your emergency kit. Setting up traps to obtain food is an easy method of hunting and it doesn't use up too much energy to set up a snare trap. While you may be using a lot of energy to construct your shelter, your survival snares can be working while you're doing other things.

Packaged in a handy dispenser, this 100 feet of 24 Gauge Brass Snare Wire provides you with enough for a couple of kits with the recommended 50' for each survival kit. A portion can be rewound on a sewing bobbin for mini kits.

A multi-purpose item, this brass survival wire can be used, not only for snares but also to secure a gill net, lashing and repairing items, etc.

Here's an excerpt from the US Army Survival Manual on a:

Squirrel Pole

A squirrel pole is a long pole placed against a tree in an area showing a lot of squirrel activity (Figure 8-8). Place several wire nooses along the top and sides of the pole so that a squirrel trying to go up or down the pole will have to pass through one or more of them. Position the nooses (5 to 6 centimeters in diameter) about 2.5 centimeters off the pole. Place the top and bottom wire nooses 45 centimeters from the top and bottom of the pole to prevent the squirrel from getting its feet on a solid surface. If this happens, the squirrel will chew through the wire. Squirrels are naturally curious. After an initial period of caution, they will try to go up or down the pole and will get caught in a noose. The struggling animal will soon fall from the pole and strangle. Other squirrels will soon follow and, in this way, you can catch several squirrels. You can emplace multiple poles to increase the catch.

You can see the Full Chapter on Survival Food Procurement. Get yourself a copy of this manual if you can and keep it with your emergency kit.

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