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Vinyl Poncho
Inexpensive rain protection. Versatile poncho can also be used as ground sheet, lean-to, wind break or temporary tarp. Waterproof vinyl material....
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thermal blanket
Thermal Blanket
A thermal blanket retains body heat and reflects it back on to you so you can stay warm when it's cold. This emergency thermal blanket is windproof,...
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survival whistle
Survival Whistle
$4.99 $3.99
A survival whistle to include in your survival kit or carry in pocket or pack. Use for signaling for help. Survival Whistle Five useful survival...
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Razor Knife
Razor Knife
The Derma-Safe Knife is a light to medium duty cutting tool. The Folding Razor Knife is a pocket size carton opener, hobby knife, detailers tool, carving...
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Basic Survival Kit
Basic Backpack Kit
This basic survival kit is perfect as a beginning vehicle or backpack kit. You should have a basic survival kit in your backpack, car, boat, truck or any...
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survival hiking pack
Survival Hiking Pack
$37.95 $31.95
This Everestâ„¢ Hiking Pack is the backpack we use in our 1 person premium survival kit. It has plenty of extra storage room available in addition to the...
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Tissue Pack
Do you need toilet paper in your kits? That's more of a personal choice since it's bulky and takes up space. For many, the comfort factor outweighs the idea...
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Emergency Blanket
An emergency blanket is a thin, lightweight blanket that reflects body heat back on to you so you can stay warm when it's cold. Absolute necessities of...
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Vehicle Emergency Kit
Vehicle Emergency Kit
Your should keep emergency supplies in your vehicle at all times. Whether you just need a jump or you get an unexpected flat, having the right gear will get...
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Bear Pepper Spray
Bear Pepper Spray
Bear pepper spray should be in your pack whenever you're in bear country. One of the best way to avoid an encounter is to make lots of noise when traveling...
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Budget Survival Kit
Budget Survival Kit
The budget survival kit contains all your basic necessities all in one convenient backpack. You have food, water, shelter, fire starting, light, and even...
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Twenty extra grommets for use with the repair kit. Sometimes the original grommets get ripped out of your tarp or poncho and you have to repair them. This...
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