Emergency Blanket

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An emergency blanket is a thin, lightweight blanket that reflects body heat back on to you so you can stay warm when it's cold. Absolute necessities of any survival kit. They don't take much space and weigh in at only 1 1/2 ounces.

Emergency Blanket

Aside from being a space blanket, you can also use them as a tent floor, a field expedient shelter, or for covering other gear items. Make sure you have one for everybody in your party.

  • Aluminized non stretch polyester
  • Stays flexible in freezing temperatures
  • Reflects body heat back to the body
  • Wind and Waterproof
  • Weighs in at only 1.5 ounces (42.5 grams)
  • Size: 52" x 82.5" (132cm x 210cm)

Within seconds of wrapping this space blanket around yourself, you begin to feel the warmth. This is your own body heat not escaping into the air as it normally does. Instead, it's contained within the confines of the emergency blanket and around you where it belongs.

The wind is also a sapper of body heat, especially if you're wet. Without a protective layer blocking the wind, you can quickly lose your own insulating abilities. Wind can not penetrate this space blanket material and can not rob you of your own warmth. This emergency blanket is effective as a wind blocker keeping your vital body heat around you.

This Rothco space blanket is of the original design. A quieter and more durable emergency blanket is the Heatsheets® brand emergency blanket. A nice upgrade for only a couple of dollars more.

I went on. a semi-survival trip to the desert remote corral ring of Clipperton in Dec 2011/Jan 2012.Nobody should go anywhere without one. it worked really well in a permanently windy condition with daily tropical rainstorms.
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