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yo-yo fishing reel
Yo-Yo Fishing Reel
$3.50 $2.97
This automatic fishing reel does your fishing for you while you do other things! The Yo Yo is an automatic fishing reel made of steel with a...
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wire saw
Wire Camping Saw
This Wire Camping Saw or wire saw will cut wood, plastic, bone, rubber and soft metal. The unique multi-strand design is twenty-one inches. Carry in your...
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watertight match box
Watertight Match Box
This watertight match box has a primary use of placing your emergency matches inside and keeping them dry. The watertight match box has a seal in the cap...
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Vinyl Poncho
Inexpensive rain protection. Versatile poncho can also be used as ground sheet, lean-to, wind break or temporary tarp. Waterproof vinyl material....
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Vehicle Emergency Kit
Vehicle Emergency Kit
Your should keep emergency supplies in your vehicle at all times. Whether you just need a jump or you get an unexpected flat, having the right gear will get...
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Vegetable Garden Seeds
Vegetable Garden Seeds
Plan ahead for bad times with a variety of garden vegetable seeds that will last for years in storage. With the multitude of seeds in this bucket, you will...
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Tube Tent
This tube tent is lightweight, versatile and sets up easily so you can rest quicker. It is one of the most common forms of emergency shelter found in...
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Tissue Pack
Do you need toilet paper in your kits? That's more of a personal choice since it's bulky and takes up space. For many, the comfort factor outweighs the idea...
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Tent Pegs or Stakes
Tent Pegs | Stakes
9 inch ABS plastic tent pegs with a rugged design and no slip hook (in a 6-pack).  These tent stakes are bright and easily seen. You can make tent...
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Tactical Shoulder Bag
Tactical Shoulder Bag
This tactical shoulder bag conveniently hangs by your side and keeps your gear separated and quickly accessible. You can create many different...
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survival whistle
Survival Whistle
$4.99 $3.99
A survival whistle to include in your survival kit or carry in pocket or pack. Use for signaling for help. Survival Whistle Five useful survival...
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Survival Vest
Survival Vest
Instead of stuffing your pockets with gear, this survival vest comfortably carries everything you want to take with you and keeps it organized. 17...
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Guide to Survival Snaring
Survival Snare Guide

Created by Mike Helton of Mike Helton Survival and Prepping, this simple guide will teach you the basics of snaring.

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Survival Seeds
Survival Seeds
$269.50 $229.00
All food storage plans have a basic limitation. No matter how much food you have stored up, whether 3 months or even a year or two, eventually you're going...
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survival hiking pack
Survival Hiking Pack
$37.95 $31.95
This Everestâ„¢ Hiking Pack is the backpack we use in our 1 person premium survival kit. It has plenty of extra storage room available in addition to the...
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Storable Containers
Storable Containers
$7.98 $4.98
Food safe plastic containers with interchangeable caps for every pourable liquid or solid such as instant coffee, sugar, cooking oil, lotions, pills,...
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Solid Fuel Cubes
Solid Fuel Cubes
$17.99 $14.99
Solid Fuel Cubes for any pocket or folding stove.You can boil a canteen cup of water in about 8 minutes with one of these cubes. Comes in a box of 12 pieces...
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Survival Snare Wire for Sale
Snare Wire
100' flexible 24-gauge brass wire can be used for snares, securing your gill net, lashing sticks or branches together, securing gear, squirrel, small game,...
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Signal Mirror
The Rothco Signal Mirror is a " must-have " survival tool for anyone who ventures outdoors. Keep this signaling device in your kit to flash possible...
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Coyote Brown Shemagh
$14.99 $12.25
The 100% cotton Tactical Shemagh is traditional desert headwear designed to protect the head and neck from sun, sand or other harsh desert elements. Desert...
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Self Inflating Sleeping Pad
Self Inflating Sleeping Pad
$52.99 $48.99
Giving you a comfortable night of rest, this self inflating sleeping pad provides a foam and air cushion between you and the ground that is hard to beat...
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School Emergency Kit
Having a classroom full of scared children is not an ideal situation at anytime. Yet with today's threats, it is a scenario educators now need to prepare...
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Large Military Rucksack
Rucksack - with Frame
$153.99 $121.99
Large, military-type rucksack. Same style backpack we carried in the the Army. The bug out bag has many pockets and attachment points for carrying a full...
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Rip Stop Poncho
Rip Stop Poncho
Rip-stop Poncho is made of polyester for comfort and durability. It measures 56 x 90 inches and comes with snap closures and grommeted corners for use as an...
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