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Introducing the Rothco Signal Mirror – Your Ultimate Lifesaver in the Great Outdoors!

When adventure calls and the wilderness beckons, equip yourself with the indispensable Rothco Signal Mirror, a must-have survival tool for every outdoor enthusiast. This lightweight and virtually indestructible signaling device should be an essential part of your kit, ensuring your safety during every daring expedition.

Picture this: you find yourself stranded in the wild, seeking rescue from above or across vast waters. The Rothco Signal Mirror rises to the occasion as your beacon of hope, catching the sun's rays and flashing like a guiding star to aircraft, boats, and search parties alike. Its brilliance can be seen over a staggering 20 miles, leaving no doubt about its life-saving capabilities.

Crafted with precision, the Rothco Signal Mirror features a retro-reflective, mil-spec style aimer that allows you to effortlessly aim the mirror's reflection with just one hand, providing convenience and ease when every second counts.

Made from high-quality glass material, the Rothco Signal Mirror is both durable and lightweight, weighing in at only 0.6 oz. Its compact dimensions of 2 x 3 inches ensure it fits seamlessly into your gear without adding unnecessary weight to your load.

Don't leave your safety to chance – trust the Rothco Signal Mirror to be your steadfast companion, your beacon of hope, and your ultimate lifeline when adventure takes an unexpected turn. Embrace the wild with confidence, knowing that rescue is just a flash away with this life-saving survival tool by your side.

Experience the peace of mind that comes with being prepared. Get your Rothco Signal Mirror today and embark on your outdoor ventures with newfound confidence!

Signal Mirror

An emergency mirror signals aircraft, boats, or other searchers and alerts them to your location.

Signal Mirror


The Rothco Signal Mirror is a "must-have" survival tool for anyone who ventures outdoors. Keep this signaling device in your kit to flash possible rescuers. Hunters, hikers, pilots, boaters and others have all been rescued by using this lightweight and indestructible signaling device.

  • Tested visible over 20 miles!
  • Proven life-saver
  • Retro-reflective, mil-spec style aimer allows you to aim the mirror's reflection using one hand


  • Weight: Only 0.6 oz.
  • Dimensions: 2 x 3 inches
  • Material: Glass

How to Use a Signal Mirror

Using a signal mirror effectively can significantly increase your chances of being spotted and rescued in emergency situations. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to use a signal mirror:

  1. Find an Open Area: Position yourself in an open area where potential rescuers can easily see the signal mirror's reflection. Avoid standing in shadowed or obstructed spots that may hinder the reflection's visibility.

  2. Align the Mirror: Hold the signal mirror in your hand, gripping it firmly but not covering the reflective surface. Ensure the mirror is positioned horizontally, with the reflective side facing outward.

  3. Aim the Mirror: Look through the sighting hole on the back of the signal mirror, which usually has a small retro-reflective aimer. Align the aimer with your target, whether it's an aircraft, boat, or search party on the horizon.

  4. Reflect the Sunlight: Tilt the mirror slightly upward toward the sun. Gently move the mirror until a bright flash of light reflects off its surface and onto your intended target. The flashing effect is what makes your signal stand out and attract attention.

  5. Flash in Intervals: To create a distinct signal, use short, quick flashes rather than a continuous reflection. Flashing will make your signal distinguishable from glints caused by natural sunlight reflections.

  6. Use Codes: If possible, learn basic signal codes in advance. For instance, three short flashes could signal SOS (· · · - - - · · ·), the international distress signal, or use the number of flashes to indicate the number of people in need of rescue.

  7. Be Patient: Keep signaling at regular intervals, even if you don't see an immediate response. Rescuers might be far away or navigating through rugged terrain, so stay persistent and alert.

  8. Observe for Responses: Watch for any signs of responses from the direction of your target. Look for reflective signals, aircraft changing direction, or boats altering their course as potential indicators that your signal has been noticed.

  9. Stay Prepared: While signaling for rescue, ensure you conserve your energy and stay hydrated. Also, have other means of signaling, such as a whistle or flare, to use as backups if possible.

Remember, using a signal mirror requires practice and clear weather conditions. Always carry it as part of your essential survival gear when venturing into remote areas, and familiarize yourself with its operation beforehand to be prepared for any emergency.

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Eric Chevreuil
If you drift away and want to signal the mother ship, on sunny days, it is more adapted and efficient ...
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Eric Chevreuil
Eric Chevreuil
If you drift away and want to signal the mother ship, on sunny days, it is more adapted and efficient ...
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