Signal Mirror

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The Rothco Signal Mirror is a "must-have" survival tool for anyone who ventures outdoors. Keep this signaling device in your kit to flash possible rescuers. Hunters, hikers, pilots, boaters and others have all been rescued by using this lightweight and indestructible signaling device.

Signal Mirror

An emergency mirror signals aircraft, boats, or other searchers and alerts them to your location.

A signal mirror is recommended by Doug Ritter, a leading authority on wilderness survival and the founder of Equipped To Survive.

Signal Mirror


  • Tested visible over 20 miles!
  • Proven life-saver
  • Retro-reflective, mil-spec style aimer allows you to aim the mirror's reflection using one hand


  • Weight: Only 0.6 oz.
  • Dimensions: 2 x 3 inches
  • Material: Glass
If you drift away and want to signal the mother ship, on sunny days, it is more adapted and efficient than the bright colored 3 foot tube. Face the sun with the mirror and project its reflection on your hand. Move hand and mirror in synch until hand faces the objective -boat, airplane- with the sun reflection still showing on the hand. Remove the hand and fine tune the aim with the hole in the mirror. Keeping the sun's reflection on the hand while aiming at the target insures you that you are actually signaling it.
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