Dental Survival Kit

When you think about wilderness survival what comes to mind? Maybe Fire, Water, Food, Shelter, and exciting things like that, Right? What if there is something missing from that list of importance? I am no expert on this subject, but I do know something that many leave out of their kits. DENTAL SURVIVAL ITEMS!!!

How many of you have a survival kit? Now how many of you have a first aid kit in it? Now how many of you remembered to put some sort of dental applications in your kit? Not many I bet. Don't feel bad, there are millions of books and articles out there that don't even touch on it so why should I expect people who are learning to already know everything.

Try to imagine this scenario, you are in the woods, having a nice time when you get lost. Now add to that the pain and fear of a tooth ache or cracked tooth or maybe even something worse into that equation.

There are several simple dental devices you should keep in your kit to ensure dental health in the wild. First off, just keeping everyday items like a travel toothpaste and toothbrush along with some floss and mouthwash is a good start to your kit. These items are something you are familiar with anyway so why stop at home.

Next comes the emergency items that should be in your kit. Things like temporary filling paste (ask a dentist where and how to get it), and Orajel for pain. There are even waxes for braces that could help with discomfort of the gums. Use your imagination, and there are many things out there to help in a time of need.

If you don't have room for a toothbrush in your kit try, chewing on a nonpoisonous plant and using the fibers to brush your teeth (spit out the juice like normal). Manuals may not touch on much of this subject so do a little homework before leaving for the woods.

I wanted to touch on this for that exact reason, it doesn't get much attention when there are more exciting things like fire and trapping. But none the less it is valuable information everyone should think about.

Talk to your dentist and get more answers about products and procedures, and by all means get regular checkups to ensure you have a healthy mouth in the woods.



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