How to Build a Fire During an Emergency

A fire is a very welcomed and often vital in a survival situation. It's the basis of cooking, light, heat and signaling for help. It has been known to man for thousands of years. Fire is easy to create and maintain if you know some basic principals of fire.

1. Fire burns up and out, not down and in. So we want our little flames to be able to burn up to larger pieces of fuel not put small burning stuff on top of bigger pieces and expect it to burn.
2. Fire needs oxygen and heat. Merely putting heat below materials and expecting the top stuff to burn without air doesn't work. Leave some room for the fire "to breath".
3. There are so much different sources of tender, kindling and fuel available it would require an entire book listing it all. So be assured in almost every location or situation materials can be found.
4. Fire making starts with getting "tender" lighted, which in turn burns upward to our "kindling" and then the kindling burns upward to the "fuel source". It sounds pretty simple and it is.
5. Gather your materials before you begin to make a fire. Scrounging around after you have a small fire may result in a dead fire before your return. You need to have on hand a supply of tender, kindling and fuel.

Site: Fire preparation begins by selecting a place for the fire. It sounds simple, but stop and think of what the intended purpose of the fire is. Is it mainly intended for cooking? Then place it downwind. Will it be used for heat? Then not only do you want it closer to your emergency lodging or living area, but you may also need to construct a reflector for the fire before building the fire. If it is for insects, place it upwind and close by. If it is intended for signaling, choose an open area where it can be seen. Clear off the spot you want the fire. Brush away leaves, sticks, weeds, snow etc.

Fire making sources:  Making a fire is easiest by using a small fire to start fire.  Huh?  Matches or a cigarette lighter start fires with fire.  Survival fire makers are just that; you try to make fire to make a fire.  I hope that makes sense.  I am going to forego the rubbing sticks together, fire drills and slapping rocks together as modern methods are available to everyone today.  If you suspect you will be stranded for a longer time, buy more survival matches.


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