550 Paracord For Survival

OK, I'm 30 years old and just recently found out about the many uses of 550 paracord, and I don't know how I lasted this long without it. I don't know all the military applications of it, but let me tell you; just keeping a few feet of it on your person at all times can be a real life saver. Not only can it be used for the purposes of tying things and other common uses, but once you cut into it and pull out the 7 inner strands you come into a whole new world of possibilities.

Let's talk about what 550 paracord is first. 550 paracord is a military grade cord that was used to attach a parachute to a parachute harness. Now that it's in civilian hands it has become much more. It is called 550 paracord because its breaking strength is supposed to be 550lbs. I myself have never tested it on that much weight, but I am about 260lbs and it will hold me just fine. It is made up of an outer sleeve with 7 smaller inner strands inside. That being said if you ever use the stuff be sure and burn the ends after you cut it so the inner strands don't come out with use. Now let's talk about some of its uses.

The inner strands are small enough for sewing, fishing, traps, and whatever else you can come up with, but it's very strong! I have even pulled it down into smaller strands and used it as emergency dental floss! Then you still have the outer sheath for shelter building, more traps, tool fabrication, weapon fabrication, clothing repair, belt construction, and the list goes on and on.

Now you might say "where can I keep it so it's with me all the time"? Easy my friend, just replace your boot or shoe laces with it. You can also make necklaces and bracelets with it to have an extra few feet on you. I even keep some on my key chains. Just search on line and you can find many interesting ways to tie and use it on your gear.

I even wrap all my outdoor knife handles with it. Not only does it improve your grip, but you have another place to have extra cord. Why stop there? Wrap your knife sheath and other gear with it as well. It works well on flashlights, and don't forget to use it to make lanyards for anything you may drop in the wilds. This might seem like overkill, but trust me you will be glad you have it when you need it! So go ahead and go out and buy some after you read this, and start using you 550 paracord now. It might just save your life, or at least make it a lot easier. Its uses are limited only by your imagination!

-Jim Foster


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