Survival Gear For 2012

Odds are pretty good that the end of the world as we know it won't happen on December 21, 2012. But even so, consider making 2012 the year you finally get around to getting prepared for localized emergencies. So, while this article will discuss survival gear for 2012, the items outlined below are certainly suitable for whatever life throws your way.

Survival Gear for 2012

The first critical element in survival gear for 2012 is shelter from the elements. Being too cold or too warm for lengthy periods of time can kill much quicker than lack of food or water. While it is hoped you would be able to shelter in your home during a crisis, it may come to pass you'll be unable to do so.  Thus, please ensure you have adequate supplies for keeping warm and dry. These include weather appropriate clothing, a tent, blankets, even tarps to prop over a branch or two.

You should also have fire starting supplies, such as strike anywhere matches, butane lighters, and flint and steel strikers as well as pre-assembled tinder like cotton balls soaked in petroleum jelly. Having the ability to get a fire going in just about any weather conditions will keep you warm, dry you out, and cook your food.

Water is the second item that is critical to survival. The human body can survive a few days without hydration but doing so is neither pretty nor fun. Clean, potable water is essential. Your first line of defense is to stockpile as much water as reasonable. Of course you can buy cases of bottled water but really, that water isn't much better than what flows from most taps.  You can just fill cleaned out soda and juice bottles. Add a couple drops of non-scented chlorine bleach then seal them up tight. Mark the date on the bottle and rotate your supply every six months.

Food is the fuel that runs the human machine. For your 2012 survival gear, you want food items that require little to no cooking. Think about things like crackers, canned/bagged tuna, canned chicken, canned soups and stews. Yes many of those things sure taste better hot but you can eat them cold if necessary. Don't forget snack type food such as crackers and granola bars.  If your stove top isn't working due to the utilities being cut off, you can cook over a propane or charcoal grill as well as just over a campfire.

Next on the list is first aid supplies. It may come to pass that you'll be unable to seek medical attention except for the most extreme injuries, if at all.  You'll need to be able to fend for yourself, at least for a while. Therefore, stock up on all manner of basic first aid items, such as alcohol, adhesive bandages, prescription medications, and gauze pads. Don't forget over the counter remedies for diarrhea and nausea as well as antibiotic creams.

Maintaining a fair degree of hygiene is crucial for preventing illness and infection. Just having a supply of hand sanitizer can do wonders in this regard.  Remember, you may not have an unlimited water supply so you'll want other means of keeping clean. Many camping supply stores carry soap that requires very little water so you may want to consider purchasing that as well.

Those are the basic categories of items needed when it comes to survival gear in 2012. Even if you're not worried about the end of the world happening in 2012, that doesn't mean you shouldn't prepare, just in case!


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