Best Food for Long Term Storage

We believe that the best food for long term storage is Wise Company products. There are several reasons why this brand of emergency food supply is better than others. Below you will find what we think are the top benefits and features.

Best reasons:

    • Best Food for Long Term Food Storage - 25 year shelf life25 year shelf life - With a 25 year shelf life, you don't have to worry about whether or not your food is good. Few others can boast about having this long of a stable shelf life. Not only do you not have to replenish your stock anytime soon, you won't need to rotate either.


    • Smaller serving packages - Instead of a large sack or a full #10 cans, you will only open up what you will actually use that day. Each individual package has four servings inside. Since you are only using a package or two for your family, the rest of your food supply is still sealed and safe from oxygen deterioration.


    • Easy storage – Wise Company food storage has a small footprint when it comes to storing your foods. Packed in stackable buckets that also interlock, you can keep enough food storage in a small space that will not waste valuable space. The buckets are also easy open, easy close so you can reseal what you aren't using.


    • Buckets In Closet for the Best in Long Term Food StorageFreshness - And because the individual packets are serving sized, you will not expose the rest of your long term food storage supply to the air. All the food stays fresh until you decide to open it.


    • Tastes great – All meals are specially prepared and then quickly freeze dried or dehydrated to keep in maximum flavor and nutrition. Many people even use these tasty meals as part of their everyday eating.


    • Cost - Since they cost less than what you can purchase at a grocery store, it only makes since to save money and use these as your regular meal substitute when you're running a bit behind schedule and don’t have time to prepare a large meal yourself.
    • Convenience – With a delicious meal prepared in about 10-15 minutes, you’ll save time and energy. The only thing extra you’ll need to put a great tasting meal on the table is some boiling water.


As explained above, the best food for long term storage is to keep 25 year shelf life foods in your survival pantry. You won’t go wrong with Wise Company and you'll put your mind at ease knowing you have taken care of your family’s future needs.